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About Marianne Vinich - So.....when does one know that they are an artist?

My artistic life began in early childhood sitting by my father's side as he sketched portraits of our family. My mother painted in oils and watercolors and went on wild adventures to welding classes learning how to sculpt in metal.

Beautiful art books were on every table in our home and I was encouraged by my parents to look at and read them. On weekends we would go as a family to art museums, wandering the huge cool rooms viewing the priceless treasures.

When I was six years old we moved to a large home and my parents gave me an extra room which they called the "forth room." My parents filled this room with art supplies for me, watercolors, several easels, conte crayons, pastels, pencils and papers of all types, a drawing table, and my very favorite, oil pastels. Within this room I created many "masterpieces" and many messes and I was always praised for my creations and creativity. I was really blessed in life to have such a "colorful" beginning